Friday, February 17, 2012


Closing.... What does that mean?

closingpresent participle of close (Verb)

  1. Move or cause to move so as to cover an opening: "she jumped into the train just as the doors were closing"; "they closed the window".
  2. Block up (a hole or opening): "glass doors close off the living room from the hall".

So if this is Webster's definition of closing... than why do banks, insurance companies, and everyone else wants to have a "closing" with paperwork??? No where in the dictionary does "closing" involve money. So where in the WORLD did money become involved!?!?!?!

I am beginning to hate that word. "Closing". I do not like to close things and I do not like being closed off. Nor do I like to just give my money away to have something "closed". Heck, if it keeps money in my pocket- leave the dumb thing open!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Which way is up!?!

Today I am feeling a bit like this poor little guy. He doesn't know which way is up. I can sympathize.

Between the bank, the ACC of our neighborhood, and insurance companies, I just want to say UNCLE!!!! I GIVE! If I could just put them all on a conference call and let them hash it out with one another. Then when they've all come to a mutual agreement, let me know what we need to do. AH!!

But until then, I'm going to blog about it on here. Cause the odds of a conference call amongst them is slim to none.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Windows 101

Before we started this process Russell and I felt that we had been around enough new construction, remodels, builders, designers, etc. that we had a pretty good idea of everything it took to generate a house. Of course you had your lumber, your roof, concrete, appliances, floors, and of course your windows. Along with many other things. But never did we think within each category you have about a million subcategories.

For example, windows. You have casement, 1 light, 6 lights, double hung, picture windows, fixed, vinyl, aluminum,  bronze, almond, white, and the list goes on and on.

I found a website that broke it down to the basics. Layman's terms! Showed you pictures with coordinating names so that any person can interpret. And when your builder asks you what type of windows you want you can have a better answer than "IDK.... clear..." Yes, that unfortunately was me. :)