Thursday, January 26, 2012

When you have a truck.... {Two post Thursday}

Post # 1
At this point, I believe I have seen just about every possible item in the bed of my truck. Since being a "truck driver" i have hauled more things in the bed of my truck than I had ever wished for. However, the flip side of that is I never have to worry about what I buy not fitting in my vehicle. It's only when I buy multiple big items when that becomes an issue. Which sadly I have encountered...

These are our doors that are to be used as windows.

Post #2:
This past weekend the Mr. and I went to Dallas to do a little furniture/fabric/accessories/lighting/everything shopping. 

(Photo Credits: Compliments of Russell)

Trips to Dallas never cease to amaze me because you always find something there you don't need nor did you intend on buying. I will say this trip did take me by surprise. I never in a MILLION years thought we'd come home with this! It's a chiminea on steroids. Very cool it is indeed, however going back to my TV comment "who needs something this big?" Really? This thing is big enough to keep a forest warm more than a porch. The funny part of the story is after we purchased this 'thing' Russell and I looked at each other and were like "what just happened"? Both of us thought it was the other person who wanted it. So does that mean we both wanted it, or neither of us wanted it?? Who knows. But neither of us are taking the credit/blame of picking it out. Sad but true.

Lately I've had this negative attitude towards our imaginary house. Maybe my sour attitude is because all these things we've been buying are still boxed up? Maybe it's because we have bought so much junk for a house we STILL do not have. Or even maybe, just MAYBE it's because I am having to compromise my taste with the Mr.?? Whatever it is, I just want to see my house already, lay in my bath tub, put dishes in the dishwasher, walk to MY laundry room, and have a wall that separates me from the hubby and dog (is it sad that I categorize them together??)

Either way, I will be having a glass of champagne while soaking in a 4 hour long bubble bath along with a hired butler names Jose who will be serving me hors d'oeuvres. I deserve it.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Good Ol' Harris County

I just want to take a second and brag on the county I live in... Harris County is just full of delightful employees and well managed building stipulations. They are so fun and easy to work with. And let me tell you, they know their stuff. EVERY word they say is completely true and you don't ever have to second guess yourself or do their job for them. And you can just tell by the smile on each employees faces that they just love their job and are ready to help you in any way possible. They make building a house SO easy and enjoyable! 


Monday, January 9, 2012

... Then God said, "Let their be Light!"

OK, OK- maybe He didn't mean light fixtures but it's all up to interpretation right!?!

There will be 2 of these on top of the heavy wood piece that Russell picked out. My way of adding a little me to our entry way.

This is mudroom light fixture. Right off the garage door.

There will be 2 of these in our closet. SO excited about these!

Friday, January 6, 2012

Can I get 5 and a quarter.... what do you say now 5 and a quarter.... SOLD!

Last night Kacie, Russell, and myself experienced our first home furnishings auction! It was quite the experience and just like the movies!

There's a place near the Galleria in Houston called Morton Kuehnert Auctioneers and Appraisers. It's off Richmond Ave. Theirs an auction every Thursday starting at 7. And each Tuesday night before the auction, you can go online to view the products.

I did just that and saw a few pieces I liked. So we all built up the courage to go. We decided if nothing else, it would be a neat experience! And it was!

We started the night off by looking at the products up stairs. A few of the pieces I had fell in love with online were not what I had envisioned in person so we nixed those. There were a few pieces left that Russell found and the chairs I fell in love with! We sat down to get ready for bidding and Russell pointed out that we weren't even facing the Auctioneer. WOW! We're not newbies at all!! :) So we chanced seats to see all the action and get ready to raise that paddle.

Finally, lot number 172.... our first piece of interest! Russ was the official paddle raiser cause Kacie wouldn't do it! And neither would I. SOLD- to paddle number 70!!! The hutch was ours! If only every buying experience was that easy. Now onto lot number 194. 2 Beautiful Louis XVI armchairs. OMG I'm so nervous at this point. Kacie and I are giggling and Russell is refusing to raise the paddle b/c he doesn't like them. Auctioneer: "any interest in these chairs.... finale chance...." Finally I look at RP and say "HURRY RUSSELL". One swift move of the arm and their OURS! "SOLD".

That easy! This could be addicting. Seriously. Auctions are fun. Anytime you're in the area I encourage you to go. It doesn't costs anything (unless you bid) and they serve hors d'oeuvres, coffee, and drinks. It's free entertainment for 2 hours. Good date night!