Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A few advances

With a few days of dry weather, we've been able to advance a little on the house. We have now moved up to wood! Lots of wood!

Forms have been set. Then of course, the rain came pouring down Tuesday so guess what we're doing today!?! Waiting!!

Weather looks good for the next week or so, so we are enthusiastic about getting some more accomplished!

Bring it on Jimmy!

Here are some pictures of the forms thus far :)

Monday, March 12, 2012

Rain, rain, go away, come again another day!

I understand that this year has been one of the driest we've experiences in a LONG time. So all this rain we're getting is good, right? WRONG!

When water just sits on the ground rather than being absorbed that means the ground isn't thirsty any more. It doesn't want another drink. So why is it still raining? Why is God forcing the ground to drink? IDK. Maybe He's preparing us for another long-hot-dry- year? Or maybe He wants us to learn a slower pace life? Or maybe He wants Russell and I to put our plans aside and follow His lead?

I'm gonna go with all the above. I hope to heaven we do not have another dry year. I don't think any of the plants or trees or humans can survive it. And I really would love a slower pace life. I'm always telling myself "you don't have to do it all, Katie". And lastly, I ABSOLUTELY know the Mr. and I need to follow the Lord's lead rather than our own. We might 'think' we know what's best for us or when we need something but it is completely out of our hands. And I think this is an example of that.

We haven't had one ounce of rain the whole time we've been talking about building. Then, we close on everything and give our contractor the green light and it can't stop raining. Who would have thunk it!?!

Well, the Lord does know best so we'll see what His timing has in store for us.

Here is the progress thus far:

Culverts are in! Now we have a way to drive across the ditch. 

Dirt work. This is the pad for our foundation. A big pile of mud right now! Doesn't look real high from this angle but it's a good 2-3 feet above ground level.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Rockin' and Rollin'

Wahoo! Doors are DONE!

This is how the day started off...

2 days and 3 Lowe's stores later... The doors are jammed out and ready to install!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Counter tops! Decisions Decisions!

I have finally decided what counter tops we will be using. BIG decision that is now checked off our list!

Kitchen theme we are doing is cream and black. Cabinet color's will be cream with black accent cabinets. Our inspiration picture is below.

The counter tops are going to be black honed granite.

Master bath will be completely different. Those vanity countertops will be Calacatta marble. I LOVE this stuff! Kinda pricey so I picked a smaller area. 

(How cool is that double sink!?! and hardware)

(this is another picture of the marble except on the backsplash)

House is staked off... well, kinda.

To most people, this picture below just looks like a pile of sticks. But to me and Russell it looks like a step forward! See the pink string in it? That is our front door :)

Our contractor, Jimmy, and ourselves staked off the front of our house. You can see between what trees it will rest, where the house turns and it's corners and offsets, where the living room will be, theater room too, and you can finally visualize what the front door/porch will be looking out at. Ah! 

Next step- dirt work!