Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Round Top Baby!!!!

Yesterday, I had this horrible cold {cough cough} so I decided to stay home. Not really, I felt fine and just played hooky! And me, mom, and Jack went to Round Top and Warrenton!

In my most modest voice "I RACKED UP"!!! Check out all my deals I got!

I bought 2 of these light fixtures for my hallways throughout the house. They are antique and originally from France 1800's. Not in perfect condition, but that's what I like most about them. And when turned on, the reflection of light on the rock crystals are beautiful!

This light fixture I bought for the hallway entering into our Master. Just a little different than the others but I fell in love!

And these- these are probably my favorite and best buy of the day! These are our antiqued french front doors. It's hard to see, but the glass is etched with a pond/lake type scene that is beautiful!

This sconce is for the stair way. It's iron with the flowers painted a deep red. 

These, well I got one of them and this was just icing ontop the cake. I am going to put our vintage cake toper from our wedding in this for display in a bedroom or something. IDK I've been wanting one and found a deal I couldn't pass up.

These are possibly one of the coolest things we'll have in our house I think. They are our pantry lights! We didn't get all 3. The swivel shade on the far left is the style we purchased 2 of. I'm very curious to see them hanging!

This is our entry fixture. If you look closely, it has deer heads off the side that the lights hang down from. This one was a little out of my comfort zone but I knew RP would love it. And he did! Then he asked if we could get the antlers/clock you see in the back ground. I told him that was pushing it :)

These are our chimney pots. I bought 2. They sit on top your mortar on top your chimney on top your roof. Very European and now days are just a look-ie not a do-ie. They serve no purpose other than to add design. 

This fixture we had to get pricing from "the genius". That is what his workers called him. Weird- i know, but whatever. This is all rusted out and will go on the front side porch. Hopefully it's not too big. We will see though. 

And this. This is how we ended the day. Some good grub, wine, and laughter! Really a perfect day all around! Praise the Lord, He brought some rain in and cooled it off so we could enjoy the patio for dinner. It was wonderful! 

And P.S. This is also a black mail picture because I've never seen her wear tennis shoes. :)

Friday, September 16, 2011

Daily Dreaming

We are still in the works with our trees and by now I'm sure you are tired of hearing about them. I know I am. I wish I could snap my fingers and have this beautiful lush yard! Like this one... It's hard to think that our mess will someday be long forgotten.

Today I've  been  day dreaming.... There's a blog I follow called Coute De Texas HERE and Jody, the writer, is amazing and inspires me with all her pictures. Here's a few that I found in her recent post that I just love. 

In this photo I love the lush flower collaboration! I think it is very French countryside. It is so interesting and inviting. The colors the vines, everything. It's perfect! And I love the blue/slate color of the window panes. This is similar to the color we are going to do our shutters.

This kitchen picture I love the clean look (and the girls outfit :)) I like how fresh it makes you feel. Notice the stairs out the window. They look so grand, I wonder where they lead to?

In this photo the openness is very attractive with the tall doors leading outside. I LOVE natural light and how you feel if you'd open the doors you'd be indoors/outdoors. Something about this photo makes think of a family on Saturday morning eating a yummy breakfast and playing outdoors. 

Here, the use of wicker furniture indoors is unexpected. I like that about it. The painted wooden ceiling is a very nice detail too. And love the dark floor with white cabinet contrast. Not big on the open shelves for my personal home but I like the look here. Again, I love the doors off to the right. Especially when you have nice groomed landscaping they lead to. 

And last but certainly not least, the beams are what I love most here. I think that adds such warmth to any room.