Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Roof on, shingles in, tree down.

Here are some house updates! Chels- this is for you :)

Close up of the front. Entrance to your right. The two windows in center are formal living. A.K.A. Party room.

Insulation in! BTW that stuff STILL hurts. You'd think after all these years they'd find something different to put in so it didn't itch you. Den area. A.K.A. my favorite window room and future home of my favorite curtains and furniture that are patiently waiting in storage. 

Work day! I am SO GRATEFUL the boys came over to work. Dad, Jacy, Russell, and Jimmy ROCK! and Steve and Peggy came out to help the RP cover the floors!!! I just don't have a picture. So THANK YOU to them also!

Back of house after a little TLC from the tractor. Leveling ground is a little more tricky and time consuming that one thinks! We're a long way from finishing but this is a good start.