Monday, August 29, 2011

Tree Update

So the latest with our trees is all 34 of them are cut down and hauled off! It was 3 full loads for an 18-wheeler!! CRAZY!
The pictures show some of the trunks cut into 16' 6" increments for the mill.

We still have a pretty big mess on the lot to clean. All the limbs and tops of the threes. This was a much bigger process than I thought!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Today's Purchases

We are starting to accumulate furnishings for the house. When we first were married, between Russell and I we had a total of 3 mattress sets and 3 beds.... and that's about it.

Since then, we've purchased several pieces knowing one day we'd have a house. I'm pretty particular with what I wanted so over the years we've been adding to our collection a few pieces at a time. We now have several rooms worth of furnishings but very much so a long way away from what all we need.

Here is what we've accumulated today (minus all the flowers). Thanks Matt for bringing them home from Dallas!!! We owe you a dinner!

This will be a bedside table in one of the guest rooms.

This will either be a liquor cabinet or ??? Open to suggestions for this one!

This will be a bedside table in the master. It matches the bedding. Unless it looks too girly, than it along with the bedding will go in another guest room.

This is our master bedding. Minus the curtains. For our wedding registry we didn't register for bedding because we never could find anything we liked or could agree on. So we waited and slept with a quilt. Worth the wait I think!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


I FINALLY have my bath tub! I have waited 3 YEARS to have a bath again! Although I can't use it yet, at least it's bought.

Is it weird that I've thought about running a water hose to the tub and just sitting in it with my swim suit on!?! Honestly, this has definitely crossed my mind. If it wasn't in storage and wrapped in plastic, I'm pretty sure it would've already happened. :) The Mr. would kill me if I made him take it out just for that... so I guess I'll wait.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Cheap means cheap

Russell and I tried to save a dollar and go with a cheaper tree "service" and ended up getting exactly what we paid for. Let these pictures be a lesson NOT to use WALKER TREE SERVICE!!!!

This is what our lot was left looking like after we found out the guy was a crook! Trees everywhere, damaged limbs and trees, and brush cleared that was not suppose to be cleared! 

Guess you live you learn....

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Know where to get one?

Sometimes I wish I had one of these,  then I could make all my house problems go away!

Today is one of those days. Spend-spend-spend.

I remember in College I could live an entire week on $100. Gas, food, social life, everything. And still have money left over. What happened? You think if I moved back to college it would be the same or is this just part of growing up?

My parents always tell me that money doesn't solve anything. Sometimes it makes things a bit easier but on the flip side, it can also destroy a lot of things. Mom says people with money have "high class problems". Same thing- different dollar amount.

IDK- I could sure use some right about now... :) Maybe I'll go plant a dollar in the back yard and see what happens!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Change of Plans! Literally...

This week has been HORRIBLE with the house plan progress!!

It started off with the changing of plans and ended with a mess on our lot!

SO- we have decided to change house plans. Same architect, same home, just a variation of our previous floor plan.

Here is our new and improved floor plan. Let's hope this one makes it to production :)

As for clearing the lot- we thought we had a great deal on clearing 34! of our big trees. Turns out, the guy's a joke and all he did was create a MESS on our lot and accomplished NOTHING! So we are now in search of a new tree service. This is frustrating beyond my imagination. 

Good news is we will be building soon and I bought a bath tub yesterday :) I have been without a bath tub for almost 3 YEARS now!!! That is an eternity for me. I like my showers, but I love my baths.