Friday, July 22, 2011

Inspiration Board

A while back RP and I created an inspiration board of things we would like to include in our home. Things like colors, materials, ideas, and the overall look of what we'd like to accomplish with our home. Not everything is on this board but there's a lot!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

We now have a plan!!

So after MANY MANY hours, days, and weeks spent looking at house plans we have finally made a decision! Not sure if I'm the weird one of the bunch, but I would fret over these plans. I thought the worst. If we just picked a plan, it would end up not being "livable" and we would hate it. I would do what they say.... close your eyes and try to walk through it in your mind. If you can do that, than you have a pretty good idea of the house.

During our research, I feel in love with the side of a house, yes the side, that I found online. I was determined to discover the architect. He was a architect by the name of Jack Arnold out of Tulsa, OK. After looking at his extended portfolio, I knew I had to build one of his homes. A little weary of what RP would think because of the prominent French influence in his style, I planned out my whole speech and carefully selected pictures I presented to Russell. Needless to say, he fell as fast as I did with these homes. With a little tweaking we came to this...

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Guilty as charged....

I know what your thinking because of our title- but hey, this isn't Florida and unlike some, I confess when I'm guilty.

Welcome to our blog... and yes we stole the name from our loving friends Courtney and Burk Mienen! Newlyweds themselves.

This blog was started by Russell (my forgiving husband and most commonly known as RP) and myself (ever so persistent and to my friends and hubby known as KT or PT... don't ask)! We wanted to document the building of our home in hopes that you follow along the process it takes, energy it involves, and the excitement it creates for such a big project. And maybe inspire some of you to take on that big "challenge" you've been thinking about.

We're a semi-normal couple with zero home building experience and two totally different perspectives, so this should be interesting to say the least. In this blog, you'll see post and pictures from RP and myself along with our materials, location, and steals we find along the way.

We hope that our dream inspires you and yours and please email us to ask anything! Even if it is a paint shade or a door knob fixture :) We'd love to help. And send over that advise with pictures!!! We would love nothing more than to hear your thoughts and see your ideas!

We already have so much to share so we can't wait to get started!!!