Monday, July 2, 2012

Sheet rock and Brick

The past couple weeks we've conquered, or should I say, are conquering some big tasks. Sheet rock and brick are on the agenda. And boy do both those subs make a MESS!!!

I hope their mama's taught them how to clean up! Cause that's exactly what their gonna have to do. Oh Mighty Me!!!

Exterior brick portion that will not be painted. 

Exterior front.

Our neighbors probably think we're smokin' crack with this turquoise brick. LOL. Little do they know we are painting it. But I want to give them a minor heart attach so I haven't said anything. hehe. Kinda mean, I know, but it's way to much fun this way.  Formal Living where I lost the battle of our ugly/ginormous Caribou. 

Future nursery.... needs a lot of help. Hard to imagine it's future innocence when all you see is dirty junk now.

Guest room. Favorite room in the house!

Game room/toy chest/sitting area/go away from mommy and daddy room :)

My lover being a man and cutting down the limbs above fireplace! Very grateful for his lack of fear and persistence!

Entry way. Have an amazing chandelier that will go here. Like I said "M-E-S-S"


  1. Yay! Thanks for the update. I thought I'd take a gander just to see if by some chance you were sticking to the updates! :)

  2. I have to come see your house! much has been done. It is looking like a "house"!

  3. Chels! Gander on over. :) I will be getting some more updates on later this week.

    Mel- you said my house is a mess. I'll watch your kids for free if you clean it. Deal???