Friday, September 28, 2012

Paint! Paint! Paint!

The last 2 weeks we've been painting!!! Correction- last two weeks JOSE has been painting!

I am in love with our painter. He is so good!

Theater room colors. There will be artwork that goes inside the trim work there on the wall. And one on the other side as well. 

Hard to tell in this picture but this is after the glaze and antiquing has been done. It looks AWESOME!

These are the kitchen cabinets after being stained. 

Stairs after their first coat of stain. One more coat, then poly, then done! Still need the iron railing.

This is our black and white kitchen. Hard to tell with plastic over black part but looks really good! Counter tops next week and those will be Nordic Black antiqued. SO Excited to see the finished product!!!

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  1. The pics don't do it justice! Coming along :o)