Thursday, July 21, 2011

We now have a plan!!

So after MANY MANY hours, days, and weeks spent looking at house plans we have finally made a decision! Not sure if I'm the weird one of the bunch, but I would fret over these plans. I thought the worst. If we just picked a plan, it would end up not being "livable" and we would hate it. I would do what they say.... close your eyes and try to walk through it in your mind. If you can do that, than you have a pretty good idea of the house.

During our research, I feel in love with the side of a house, yes the side, that I found online. I was determined to discover the architect. He was a architect by the name of Jack Arnold out of Tulsa, OK. After looking at his extended portfolio, I knew I had to build one of his homes. A little weary of what RP would think because of the prominent French influence in his style, I planned out my whole speech and carefully selected pictures I presented to Russell. Needless to say, he fell as fast as I did with these homes. With a little tweaking we came to this...

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