Tuesday, October 4, 2011


I officially am in love with a tree company! Yes, it does happen. Olvera Tree Services out of Tomball is AMAZING! Nino @ (281) 351-5006 or HERE for their website. They will be the first I call for any tree needs!

They have taken a disaster and done a great job, with good prices, and awesome time frame! Not to mention they are all very friendly, educated about the trees, and do GREAT work!!!

Check out the progress!!

This is the stump that is giving us trouble. It is in our foundation so you have to dig it out. Reason being is that if you left the stump and just grind it, eventually it would disintegrate and cause your foundation to shift due to the dirt filling in the stump hole. The drought hasn't helped soften the ground, so we are still 'stumped' on what to do :)

This is some of the many pieces of equipment being used along with some work in progress. 

 Check out the difference from before and after! This looks like a whole new lot! This is from the back of our lot looking at the main street.

As I mention in my last post, I went to Round Top. Well, I went back this Friday to pick up my doors and picked up a few extra things! Thank God the show was over Sunday... because I have no money to go back :)

These are two mahogany ( I think) doors that we will use for a built in entertainment center.

These are two panels that came out of a NY theater! It is fabric that has been nailed to boards for a strong backing. These are going on the theater room walls along with stained mahogany trim around each. They are 10 feet tall so it will be awesome!

This is how ridiculous we looked driving home from trip # 2. Can we say hillbillies??? Yes, that is what we looked like. It will all be worth it in the end... I hope :/

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