Monday, November 14, 2011

The Mr. is very persuasive at times...

Very rarely does Russell voice his opinion but when he does, it's normally on something he will not budge on. For instance, our driveway. I really wanted an asphalt driveway. I love the way they look and think they are so much prettier than concrete. This is a war for us. Russell hates the idea.

Another opinion Russell has is this dumb Caribou. He has saved it for years to put in his house one day. I am not much of a "mount your killings and hang them in your house" kinda girl. Don't get me wrong, I've grown up around this stuff my whole life and I appreciate it, I just don't want it hanging in my house. So- let's see who wins this battle!?! Maybe this could be leverage for an asphalt driveway.... just sayin'

Another great find! Last week mom and I went to the Nutcracker Market here in Houston. If you haven't ever been- YOU HAVE TO GO! Even if you don't buy anything, it's still worth the experience and gets you in the holiday spirit. However- I would NEVER go on the weekend. I can't imagine how packed that place gets. Go during the week. Only advice!

I managed to make an entire round with only buying 1 thing. A pair of antlers. Then, we decided it was worthy of a second trip around before we left for the evening. And that is when I found my piece! It made my whole trip! It's our master bedroom ottoman. Vintage and originally from Mississippi I am in love with it's needlepoint stitching on top and velvet pleated sides. Ah! Things like this melt my heart.


  1. I think this Caribou would look better in your house. Why don't you take it ;)